What's Special About The Professional Freelance Journalism Course

The principles of freelance writing are similar the world over. However, this course has been written by journalists and editors with an in-depth knowledge of the UK market and what it requires, today, because they themselves are currently working professionals.

There are two special benefits to this course:

  1. The Professional Freelance Journalism Course does not focus on the theory of freelance writing. It focuses on the practical aspects of getting published, being paid for your efforts, and seeking other opportunities as a freelance writer.
  2. The course is unique in its ‘easy to digest’ content.

This online freelance journalism course is intended for anyone with an interest in writing. It’s designed for people with no previous experience whatsoever. In fact, we encourage beginning writers. Why? Simply because the world’s media constantly needs new material and new talent.

This might seem contradictory in a world of staff cuts and downsizing. However, this only means the competent freelancer has become even more indispensable. There is much more to most publications than simply “news”. In fact, feature articles, human interest stories, interviews, reviews, columns and the quirky feature are the backbone of all publications. Skilled journalists also have many opportunities in marketing and PR related roles.

So, where are good stories and photographs likely to be found? The answer is everywhere. Often in the most unlikely places.

Editors cannot hope to unearth interesting new material using staff alone. And, it’s beyond the financial scope of most publishers to send staff anywhere out of the immediate area. But, where most stories occur, you’ll find people on the spot. And, if these people can create something of interest to readers, someone will want to print it.

Your work, your skills, your hobbies and interests are even greater avenues to freelance success. Readers want to share your experiences and specialist knowledge. Even the do-it yourself handyman has an interesting story to tell other “would-be” renovators.

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