Nathaniel N

Nathaniel N

The course has given me a new mentality and provided me with fundamental tools I can apply to whatever writing projects I might try.

I had a desire to improve my writing skills. However, I realised that no matter how many skills I might have, I would never reach my full potential without expert guidance. So my journey to becoming a better writer began by signing up for The Professional Freelance Journalism Course.

While I have not published to date, I am glad I took the course. I can't tell you how important this has been to me and how rewarding it's been to do the assignments. The benefits are considerable. It keeps my brain awake and alive. It improves my ability to concentrate, stimulates my curiosity and makes me aware of the world. But, above all, practising writing sets my feet on a path of lifelong learning.

The course has taught me the organisation and personal qualities I need to develop to become a published writer. It has given me a new mentality and provided me with fundamental tools I can apply to whatever writing projects I might try. The course introduced me to the mental faculties writers use to develop content for pieces of writing creativity, observation and imagination. It’s shown me ways to train these faculties so that I can now come up with ideas for pieces of writing. I have also learnt how to establish an honest relationship with readers.

The encouragement of my tutor made the course a truly enjoyable experience. From the beginning, it was clear that my tutor had a tremendous depth of experience and knowledge. In addition, she consistently provided constructive and balanced feedback and helpful comments, which encouraged a variety of thought-provoking processes. She was also quick at returning feedback and encouraged, supported and helped me complete the course.

Repetition is the key to building skills. I will continue to read the tutorials as often as possible. But, as well as reading and studying the lessons, it is equally important that I think deeply about them and about how I can apply the tutorials and feedback to my writing. I realise it can take time to find my path. But eventually, if I keep practising, I will find my voice and develop the skills that will enable me to walk my writer's path.

I want to express my heartfelt thanks to all at the BCJ. The course has been an invaluable experience for me in many respects. The course is well structured and provides a good foundation for life as a professional freelance writer. In addition, the course has plenty of helpful guidance; The "Journo Comments" and "Writing Tips" featured throughout the course were beneficial. I am glad I decided to sign for the course and would gladly recommend this course to anyone serious about becoming a writer or journalist. I couldn't be happier with my choice.

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