Nicola L

Nicola L

Before I had even completed the last few assignments, the course gave me the confidence to write and pitch my first article in many years.

Almost thirty years ago, I applied to be one of four guest writers of my local newspaper’s regular opinion page. I had to submit three light-hearted opinion pieces for consideration and was delighted to have my work selected for publication. At the time, I was an undergraduate following a BA in Education to become a primary school teacher, after finding myself in the position of being a lone parent. My main degree subject was English and I have always loved to write. In hindsight, I should have chosen to study journalism at a young age, but my philosophy is that nothing is ever too late if your heart is in it!

Following much rumination and many visits to the British College of Journalism’s website, I took the plunge and managed to complete the course in under a year. The tutorials were clear and concise with many valuable tips. I particularly found the article ideas useful as I instinctively feel a frequent urge to write opinion pieces or to allow my opinions to permeate my work which sometimes hampers my creative thinking! My tutor’s tutelage was invaluable and constructive and the turnaround for assignment feedback was very quick. The tutorials are easy to follow and punctuated with writing tips and “journo comments”. As I am still teaching part-time, some of these tips have even come in use when advising children on their writing. There is even great advice on photography and financial and practical aspects of being self-employed which can be daunting. Before I had even completed the last few assignments, the course gave me the confidence to write and pitch my first article for the first time in many years. I am pleased to say that I had this article published online on the Nation.Cymru website.

My next project is to design my own website to showcase and promote my writing. I would say to anyone who is considering this course, take that leap of faith and believe in yourself! If you lack confidence, you will find it at the British College of Journalism.

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