Olga E

Olga E

…. a stock of written travel articles is in the process of being pitched to the potential publications.

The British College of Journalism’s Professional Freelance Journalism Course has been an invaluable experience for me in many respects. The course was not an impulse, feel-good purchase. It was a result of extensive research, and I couldn’t be happier with my choice.

I signed up for the course with a simple desire to improve my writing skills. I have been writing a book for the last two years and found myself struggling to express myself. Being a European American with English as a second language, I found writing a literature book was a bit of a challenge.

I also have an odd day job in consulting. I get to travel to quite a few unique and off-the-beaten-path places, in addition to well-known, high-demand destinations such as Paris or London. In my role, I have to conduct research on the locations, take care of logistics, find useful information and interact with the local population. This made me wonder - what if I could share the information with the other people who love to travel. Maybe, they could benefit from it, be educated and perhaps, entertained. This is how my idea of writing travel articles was born and I decided to investigate the industry’s opportunities.

The Professional Freelance Journalism Course has fulfilled the needs of both of my goals. Besides the actual educational material exceeding my expectations, I really enjoyed the feedback I received from my tutor, Judy Yorke. Her professional and personal input was truly priceless. A lot of times, when reading Judy’s constructive criticism and suggestions on how to improve my writing, I felt like ‘I had seen the light’. It all made sense all a sudden. Also, when studying the tutorials, I found that the tips from real industry professionals added great value to the lessons.

Overall, the course was an excellent value for money and it has really made a difference for me. My book is now on the way to be finished and a stock of written travel articles is in the process of being pitched to the potential publications. I feel more confident and competent in my skills and ability to pursue a chosen path in journalism.

Thank you BCJ for the valuable lessons and professional support.


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