Hayley Y

Hayley Y

I've worked as an Associate Copywriter for Hilton and use the skills I learned in this course on a daily basis

The Professional Freelance Journalism Course offered by the British College of Journalism is in-depth, interesting, creative, and flexible. You can work to your own schedule within a one year timeframe which lets you to divide your time between work and learning. It was such a valuable experience and I don’t think I’d be where I am today without it. I've worked as an Associate Copywriter for Hilton and use the skills I learned in this course on a daily basis

I’m much more confident in myself and my writing capabilities after submitting various assignments and practising the self-exercises. The best thing about this course is the genuine and constructive feedback received from your tutor after each assignment. It is invaluable to have a professional in the journalism industry critique your work and give advice on how you can improve.

The tutorials are jam-packed with knowledge and useful information. They cover a range of topics and inspire creative thinking so you can come up with interesting angles when crafting a story. They provide lots of examples which is beneficial when you need a push in the right direction.

When it comes to topics, there are so many outlets and publications out there that cater to your specific interests. It was interesting to see how you can develop a niche and reach audiences through certain specialised publications. It ultimately shows that you can easily make a living from freelancing if you know the right places to contact. I felt confident after completing the course that I could approach editors, knowing what to include in an email, when to follow-up, and what they would expect from me.

I recommend this course to anyone who is interested in writing and is determined to put the work in. It can be hard to put the time aside when you are balancing work and other commitments but think of the assignments as genuine articles - there’s nothing to stop you taking the idea further and honing it so it is good enough to send to an editor and feature in a publication.

The course covers a huge range of topics and caters for everyone. There are tips and advice from current freelance writers which is a reminder that this course is written by people who have years of experience in this field and all started off where we are now. It’s encouraging and inspiring, especially when you don’t have much prior knowledge in freelance writing. I gained valuable knowledge and continually put the learning into practice.


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