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Joy S

When I was at school my English teacher was keen for me to pursue a career in journalism. However, I thought I knew best and went to work for a bank. Thirty years later, having held management positions in banking and healthcare, I am now working as a freelance journalist.

I had often wondered whether I could write articles for magazines but had never had the time or the confidence to try. However, I saw The Professional Freelance Journalism Course advertised on the internet whilst I was browsing one day and as my boyfriend and I were taking time out to build our dream home in rural France, it seemed like the ideal opportunity to try.

I thought that the course was relatively inexpensive and hoped it would live up to my expectations. I wondered if there would be enough support as it was all by distance learning. I need not have worried. My tutor was always helpful and encouraged me to ask questions as we went along. The course content was excellent and showed me how to structure an article and approach a publication in a professional manner. I was amazed and thrilled when one of the first three magazines I approached agreed to me writing an article. I wrote a time management article which covered sharpening up your daily routine.

I had heard nothing after nearly three weeks and thought that they had not liked it but I then got an email with a proof attached.

The title even featured on the front cover of the magazine which was even better.

The course was very informative and I am sure I shall read many of the tutorials again and again. I was pleased that it was flexible enough to fit around my other commitments and found the advice and encouragement from my tutor beneficial.

When I started I did not consider making journalism a career, but now I can earn money doing something I enjoy – life doesn’t get much better. I have submitted a further article to the magazine which they are publishing and I intend to approach other magazines with my ideas on a regular basis to see if I can turn this hobby into something a little more lucrative.

Joy S

Joy S
When I started I did not consider making journalism a career, but now I can earn money doing something I enjoy – life doesn’t get much better!

Joy S

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