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Peter M

I had always enjoyed writing about football and wanted to step up my skills to the next level and if possible, reach a standard where I could generate an income from writing for magazines and websites.

I mulled over a number of courses before deciding on the British College of Journalism. I thought the course fee investment represented good value for money and it being self-paced, meant I could easily fit study and writing alongside my existing commitments.

Upon enrolment, you are assigned an experienced journalist as your personal tutor; I found the rapport between my tutor and I flowed naturally and the encouragement and constructive criticism was always helpful.

What I didn’t factor was that the course involved more than just learning about writing. It included pitching an article to potential publishers, how to come up with article ideas, research and article construction. These have all proven to be essential tools and knowledge in gaining income for my work. I am genuinely not sure I would have succeeded in what I have done since graduation had I not competed the course.

I have kept my course tutorials and refer back to them. You can draw inspiration from them when you hit a block or wish to reinvigorate yourself.

Since the course I have gained regular work with the esteemed and very popular Football Weekends magazine where I write city guides and other articles on watching football abroad. The course also led to good exposure in other football magazines like The Football Pink and Stand Against Modern Football. I have also become a regional correspondent for an American website Stadium Journeywhere you review stadiums when you visit them in a similar vein to Trip Advisor. I am paid on the number of hits my reviews receive on the website.

I am extremely proud of the work I have had published since graduating from the course. There is such a thrill seeing your work in print and your name as the by-line. It is, of course, not only for personal satisfaction that I write and I am pleased to say the remuneration I have received for my work has seen the costs of the course paid for several times over.

If you have a passion for writing but need direction and guidance from professionals, I doubt there are many better value and interesting courses around. Good luck in turning your ambitions into reality!

Peter M

See some examples of Peter’s published work below:
Peter M
If you have a passion for writing but need direction and guidance from professionals, I doubt there are many better value and interesting courses around.

Peter M

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