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This freelance journalism course was published by Joseph Morris, founder of the British College of Journalism off the back of more than 30 years experience in writing and publishing.

Mr Morris commenced his career as a cadet journalist and newspaper reporter before becoming a feature writer. He later published two weekly newspapers, one covering general sport and one for children. Mr Morris has also written a series of newsletters including On Assignment, a newsletter for travel writers and Briefing, a monthly newsletter for the media. Morris has also worked in radio and television, for United Press International (UPI) and as an international correspondent.

Apart from his intimate knowledge of professional writing, Morris had the ability to impart this knowledge. He launched the British College of Journalism in the United Kingdom and the Morris Journalism Academy in Australia in the early 2000’s. An acknowledged expert in media training via distance learning, he successfully trained students in more than 80 countries and territories. The British College of Journalism was launched in 2007 and has assisted countless graduates to success.

On the craft of freelance journalism, Mr. Morris always said: “Freelance writers are not born, they are taught. And, the simple truth is, it’s not that difficult.

“Competent freelance material is always in demand. If you can provide well-written material on any subject, provided it has a new or interesting angle, readers will want to share your information and editors will want to buy what you have.”

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Primary Course Writer: Carl Hammerschmidt.

The primary writer for this course is Carl Hammerschmidt. Carl worked in publishing for more than 20 years. During that time he has edited national publications and worked extensively as a freelance writer.

Carl completed a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Macquarie University. At that time he started writing freelance album reviews for teen music magazine Hot Metal before being appointed Features Editor. Carl then worked on Sports Monthly before being appointed Editor of the first of the new breed of men’s lifestyle magazines, MAX. From there he went on to work as deputy editor and then editor of Ralph magazine. Over five years he helped develop the men’s magazine market that sold over 300,000 magazines a month at its peak.

Carl has worked as a freelance writer for News Limited, Fairfax, Pacific Publications, Australian Consolidated Press and a variety of independent publishing companies. He has written for Inside Sport, Sunday Life, Men’s Style and The Sydney Morning Herald.

Carl has worked as feature writer, features editor and editor on a diverse range of magazines. He has also worked as Executive Producer of SBS’s Digital Media division, and as the Director of Bauer Media Group’s digital division. In this role for one of the world’s biggest magazine publishers, he oversaw the websites for magazines such as Cosmopolitan, FHM, Harper’s Bazaar and NW for Bauer Media Group.

Although Carl’s recent focus has been in cutting edge new media, Carl still believes that there is no better medium than the written word and effective journalism, and no matter what channel it is delivered through – print or online – it is still the most powerful communication tool when done well.

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Gain industry knowledge direct from the source.

The British College of Journalism has recruited many highly-regarded freelance writers, journalists and editors, who work in specialised areas of journalism, to assist you throughout your course. Their skills and experience, covering all publishing genres, provide you with an intimate knowledge of how to write just about anything, for anyone.

These journalists, authors and editors include:

Kristen King Full-time freelance writer-editor. A previous finalist in the Writer’s Digest “Best Writer’s Website” Contest and named one of the previous “Top 10 Blogs for Writers”. Her work has appeared in local, regional and national publications both in print and online, and she has a global freelance client base. Kristen makes her home in the Virginian countryside with her husband, a pug, a bullmastiff, and two cats.

Will Rankin Editor, managing editor, freelance journalist and PR since 1993. He has worked with publishing companies and clients across the globe, writing about a huge diversity of subjects, from politics to pandas, and everything in between. He currently lives in London.

Nettie Hartsock Nettie has been a professional freelance writer for the past 20 years, including high tech and business journalism. Apart from her strong print media background, Nettie has become a leading provider of freelance material to the internet. In her determinedly diverse writing journey, she’s worked as a technical writer, produced legal documentaries, and was a devoted celebrity/lifestyle/fiction review writer for many different print magazines. She also worked as managing editor of a high gloss feature and styles magazine Access Texas. Nettie was also a reporter for the award winning alternative print news weekly The Chatauquan.

John Parrish English freelancer who also writes for US and international magazines including Stuff, Maxim, The Evening Standard and many others. International sales are primarily where he makes his income.

Deborah Grant Freelance writer and sub-editor. Former Chief Sub-Editor on numerous international magazines including Inside Out, She and Marie Claire magazine.

Craig Mathieson Freelance writer for Rolling Stone and other music press. Now specialising in film and music writing. Former editor of Juice magazine.

Michael Pickering Editor, Men’s Style magazine. He has also worked as a senior writer, chief sub-editor and previously the editor of Ralph Magazine and Inside Edge.

Garth Montgomery Freelance writer and editor specialising in computers and information technology.

Anne Maria Dell’oso Journalist, film critic and author whose books include Cats, Cradles and Chamomile Tea and Songs of the Suitcase. Ms Dell’oso did her newspaper cadetship on the Christchurch Star in New Zealand.

Paul B Kidd Freelance writer and editor. Specialising in travel, big game fishing, humour and adventure. Feature writer for magazines worldwide including Penthouse and Marlin. Now turned true-crime author. Currently author of more than 20 titles.

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